Events & Activities

THE PTA NEEDS YOU! None of the special events that are held throughout the year could be done without the help and dedication of our members and parents! Please see the below document for a description of the committees and volunteer opportunities that still need to be filled: Jefferson Committees 2019-2020 

NEW PTA Events Calendar!

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Events & Activities 2019-20

Jefferson Running Club

For those new to Running Club, students in grade 1 through 5 run during their lunch recess (plus 10 minutes of their flex time) for a 30 minute period. They have the opportunity to run around either the grass perimeter of the school grounds/Van Voorst Park or around the Fern Cul-de-sac (depending on field conditions). Three times around the fields is about 1 mile. Kids will receive a chain when they sign up, followed by the chance to earn a colorful plastic foot charm for each mile they run during the JRC season. Kids LOVE these feet!

Fall Running Club Starts September 4th, 2019!  Running club is able to operate safely and efficiently due to our wonderful parent volunteers!   Please see dates and times available to volunteer - coming soon!

We do want to remind kids participating in running club to wear their necklaces on Mondays and Wednesdays so they can immediately attach their hard-earned charms.

See the attached waiver for the Fall Running Club!

If you have any questions regarding Running Club please contact: Shannon Jackson or Patty Gorski

Jefferson Fun Run

Join us for the 4th Annual Jefferson Fun Run! Friday, September 6, 2019 at Wild Meadows Trace and York St. 6:30 to 9:00(Run/Walk will step off at 7:15) 

Open to all Jefferson students, faculty and families! Not a runner or not ready for a 5K? Come out and walk a 1 mile loop and hang with your friends as we kick off the school year with this fun annual family event. Show your Jefferson pride and wear Jefferson spirit wear as we invade the prairie path! 

Volunteer Sign up now available! Please Click Here to Volunteer! Please contact Meghan Hood (  if you would like more information.

Family Fitness Night

Join us for Family Fitness Night in January! Last year's event was hosted at Windy City Ninjas in Elmhurst. Whether it is your first time trying your ninja skills, or you have already come to know the challenge and fun of the ninja gym, this is the time to try out and feed your inner ninja warrior! We will have healthy snacks, activities for the kids and a few raffle prizes to give away! 

Contact Jen Taylor ( with any questions.

Eco Club

Jefferson’s NEW Eco-Club will encourage students, parents and staff to create, implement and improve sustainable and eco-friendly practices at Jefferson.  For more information, please contact Jill Jarvis

Family Math Night

It’s Jefferson PTA’s 3rd Annual Family Math Night on February 11, 2020!  Join us for a fun evening filled with creative, hands-on math activities that will get your kids to think about and make sense of numbers!

There will be 8 go-at-your-own-pace stations to explore with three activity levels at each station, as well as an interactive look at the district’s new math series, Eureka. We’ll be playing games, making projects, and discovering how much fun math can be, all while reinforcing classroom learning. So bring the whole family and join your friends for some fun and engaging, hands-on math! 

In order for the evening to run smoothly, we need volunteers to facilitate the various stations. No math background or education experience is necessary!!!

Volunteers will be asked to:

  • watch a short video prior to the event

  • arrive early to review station materials

  • assist families as they rotate through their station

  • stay 10 minutes past the event to organize their materials

And that’s it! Please consider donating your time to make this event a huge success! If you are interested in volunteering or if you have any questions, please contact Cathy Dykes.

Giving Tree Assembly

The Giving Tree is a wonderful Jefferson tradition that gives students a chance to help families in need during the holidays. Each student is encouraged to donate a gift card to help make the holidays special for each family.      

After all the children have placed their donation, there is a special program given by all grades. This year's Giving Tree program will be on December 12, 2019.

Great Donation Days

Every year, the Jefferson PTA collects gently used school supplies for donation to local schools in need and to SCARCE (School & Community Assistance for Recycling and Composting Education).  Supplies can be deposited into boxes in the school office foyer.  Collection boxes will be out at the end of the school year as students collect their remaining supplies for the year. 

Ice Skating Party

Calling all Jefferson Families! Please join us today for the annual Jefferson Ice Skating Party at the Elmhurst YMCA Monday, February 17, 2020, from 12-2pm. Everyone attending needs to fill out a visitor waiver. Go to to print a visitor waiver for the ice skating party.

Jefferson Social Programs

The Social Committee plans and organizes numerous funs events and social options throughout the year to bring Jefferson families together outside of school hours. Jefferson is not just an excellent school, but an amazing community. We have a variety of activities in the works for this year. A little “something for everyone!” Charitable offerings, family-friendly theater excursions, shopping events, parent’s night out are only a few. Please check back often and join us at these events!

Mark Your Calendar!


Coffee with Dr. Prodraza - September 10, 2019


Pop-Up Pumpkin Cafe/Coffee for Parents
Click Here For More Information


*Trivia Night at Waterford Banquets - Nov 15, 2019
Click Here For More Information

Mom’s Night Out
Click Here For More Information


*Kie & Kate Shopping Event - Dec 5, 2019
Click Here for More Information


The Drury Lane Theatre, Oakbrook Terrace 
(Details coming soon)


Ice Skating Party - February 17, 2020
(Details coming soon)

Roller Skating Party - March 15, 2020
(Details coming soon)


*Kendra Scott Shopping Event, Oakbrook
(Details coming soon)

Dates, times and event content are subject to change.

*PTA fundraising events

Jefferson Social Committee 2019-2020

Chairs: Kathy Fromm, Aleka Mandelaris
We would love your help! If you would like to volunteer for an upcoming event or have an idea, please
email us.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement is back again this year! Junior Achievement (JA) is a program that empowers young people to own their economic success, plan for their future, and make smart academic and economic choices. Students learn how to manage money, how to become career and work ready, and are empowered to explore their potential to become successful entrepreneurs.  The program will run on your child's lunch recess time for six weeks on Mondays (2nd & 5th grades), Wednesdays (3rd grade) and Fridays (1st & 4th grades). Participant sign up sheets will be coming home soon!

Junior Achievement needs parent volunteers!  All materials and curriculum are provided.  You can volunteer for as many sessions as you'd like.  Junior Achievement Sign-Up Form

Junior Great Books

This is a reading enrichment program for any 2nd- 5thgraders. Stories are read and discussed as a group with facilitation by a parent leader. 

Lunch Room and Playground Volunteers


Lunch Room & Playground Volunteers assist the Lunch Room & Playground attendants in supporting the needs of all Jefferson students during lunch/recess time.  Volunteers works the entire lunch/recess shift, from 11am – 12:30pm.  Please note that while you will be able to observe and interact with your child(ren) in either the lunch room and/or playground, the Principal cannot ensure that parents are with their children for the five minutes of quiet reading time at the end of lunch/recess or for indoor recess.


Parents may sign up to volunteer for one time or many!  It’s a great way to see your child(ren) in action at school!



Jefferson Mathletes will provide an enrichment opportunity to first and second grade students that have a passion for problem solving and excel at math. Team Leaders (parent volunteers) will be present to help facilitate discussion and introduce games. Team Leaders will not be providing tutoring or instruction on the math curriculum. During scheduled meetings students will work on practice problems and play math games.

Contest: Noetic Learning Math Contest (for more information about the contest click here)

Contest Date: TBD

Scoring: Jefferson Mathletes will submit the top 6 scores per team to compete nationally.

Fee: None to participate **($12 for a Mathlete shirt; to be ordered at a later date, but not mandatory)***

Volunteers: If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Gina Padgett: 

***For Jefferson Mathletes to participate in contest, students have to attend the meeting dates set (not including excused absences). ****

Sign-Up Sheet
General Information Flyer

Playground Safety

Playground Safety
Presented by Scott Dohnal and Angela Ferrentino

Any recreational activity can result in personal injuries, and playgrounds are no different.  However, the frequency and severity can be reduced through maintenance and supervision of playgrounds.

Playground Injury overview:

61 million US children through the age of 14

There are over 220,000 estimated playground equipment related injuries annually

76% on public playgrounds

24% on Residential playgrounds

Playground injury overview

79% are caused by FALLS


Falls are the most common cause of injury on public playgrounds.

11% are caused by impact

  • 8% impact with stationary equipment
  • 3% impact with moving equipment
  • 10% are miscellaneous causes.

Major causes of death and seriously debilitating Injury

  • #1 cause is entanglement…of clothing, strings or ropes
  • #2 cause is falls… onto hard underlying surfaces
  • #3 Head and neck entrapments…in equipment openings
  • #4 Impact…by tipping or loose equipment, or moving swings

Factors that contribute to Public Playground injuries

  • Improper use/poor supervision
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Inappropriate design
  • Installation Errors
  • Site Planning issues

Teaching Kids about Playground Safety

Safe playground equipment and adult supervision are extremely important, but it's only half of the equation: Kids must know how to be safe and act responsibly at the playground.

Teach your kids to:

  • Never push or roughhouse while on jungle gyms, slides, seesaws, swings, and other equipment.
  • Use equipment properly — slide feet first, don't climb outside guardrails, no standing on swings, etc.
  • Always check to make sure no other kids are in the way if they're going to jump off equipment or slide, and land on both feet with their knees slightly bent.
  • Leave bikes, backpacks, and bags away from the equipment and the play area so that no one trips over them.
  • Always wear a helmet while bike riding, but take it off while on playground equipment.
  • Never use playground equipment that's wet because moisture makes the surfaces slippery.
  • Check playground equipment in the summertime. It can become uncomfortably or even dangerously hot, especially metal slides, handrails, and steps. So use good judgment — if the equipment feels hot to the touch, it's probably not safe or fun to play on. Contact burns can occur within seconds.
  • Wear clothes that do not have drawstrings or cords. Drawstrings, purses, and necklaces could get caught on equipment and accidentally strangle a child.
  • Wear sunscreen when playing outside even on cloudy days to protect against sunburn.

Slide Safety

Slides are safe if kids are careful when using them. Guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Children should take one step at a time and hold onto the handrail when climbing the ladder to the top of the slide. They should not climb up the slide itself to get to the top.
  • Kids should always slide down feet first and sitting up, never head first on their back or stomach.
  • Only one child should be on the slide platform at a time, and kids shouldn't slide down in groups.
  • Kids should always check that the bottom of the slide is clear before sliding down. When they reach the bottom, they should get off and move away from the end of the slide so it's clear for other kids to slide down.

Climbing Equipment Safety

Climbing equipment comes in many shapes and sizes — including rock climbing walls, arches, and vertical and horizontal ladders. It's generally more challenging for kids than other kinds of playground equipment.

  • Be sure your kids are aware of a safe way down in case they can't complete the climb. The highest rates of injuries on public playgrounds are associated with climbing equipment, which is dangerous if not designed or used properly. Adult supervision is especially important for younger kids.
  • Climbing equipment can be used safely if kids are taught to use both hands and to stay well behind the person in front of them and beware of swinging feet. When they drop from the bars, kids should be able to jump down without hitting the equipment on the way down. Remind kids to have their knees bent and land on both feet.
  • Too many kids on the equipment at one time can be dangerous. Everyone should start on the same side of the equipment and move across it in the same direction.
  • When climbing down, kids should watch for those climbing up; they should never race across or try to reach for bars that are too far ahead.
  • Children younger than age 5 may not have the upper-body strength necessary for climbing and should only be allowed to climb on age-appropriate equipment. Preschoolers should only climb 5 feet high and school-age kids should only climb 7 feet high.


Add a unit in PE class about playground safety and rules, let the students identify the rules, create buy in and self-policing.

Playground patrol to assist the adult supervision on the playground.

Roller Skating Party

Get out your roller skates or roller blades and save the date for the Jefferson Roller Skating Party!  Join us on Sunday, March 15th, 2020 at the Lombard RollerRink. Time to be announced on the Families of Jefferson 205 Facebook page.

Science Olympiad


Our annual Science Olympiad is October 17, 2019! This is one of Jefferson’s favorite events all year. Whether you’re a new student or a returning Einstein, this year’s event won’t disappoint. We have some of our favorite events and some exciting new challenges up our sleeve.  

Please direct any questions to Carly Scharfenberg & Meredith Vogel at

Thank you for your support! 

Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving Feast

The Jefferson School PTA will sponsor an all-school Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday, November 21, 2019 from 11:05-12:05.  All children grades K-5 are invited to stay for lunch. There will be no charge for the lunch and the food will be prepared by the York High School food service. 

All students will participate in a special craft celebrating all we are thankful for during the morning hours before the feast. The finished product will be displayed during the feast and throughout the week/during Parent-Teacher Conferences.