Carnival Classroom Art

As many of you know, Class Art has been a part of the Winter Carnival fundraising every year. Traditionally, each class participated in producing one work of art per class which was then auctioned. This year, we decided to go a different direction.  We are selling Individual Art, and Class Art Photo and they are available to ALL families!

  • K-4th Individual Art: Each student at Jefferson created one piece of art work that it is framed and sold individually.  
  • K-4th Class Art Photo: Each individual art work was used to create a composite class photo, and it is available for sale. Class art photo is printed on Shutterfly card stock (much like the holiday cards) and on the back will have listed all of the students in each class.
  •  5th Grade Art:  The students had a great time creating this truly unique work of art.  Every 5th Grader is included on an inspirational poster. What a wonderful keepsake to showcase all the 5th Graders to remind them of their time at Jefferson Elementary and encourage them to LIVE LAUGH LOVE and PLAY in Middle School. These posters are 16x24 and will be mounted and ready display immediately or are suitable for framing! Order now for $50 and we will notify you for pick up.  

Each grade has a different theme

  • K – students created “Alphabet Soup”, in which they decorated the first letter of their name with dot paint. 
  •  1st Grade – students created “In Our Hearts”, a house decorated by them with the people (and other things) they love inside. 
  •  2nd Grade – students created "Thankful" place settings that are an ode to their Pilgrim days.  
  • 3rd Grade – students created “The Skyline Reimagined”, a colorfully new representation of the Chicago skyline.    
  • 4th Grade – the students created “The States” – a map made from their states that they were assigned for the year. 
  • 5th Grade – students created an inspirational poster to encourage them to LIVE LAUGH LOVE and PLAY in Middle School!   


Classroom Art Samples by Grade