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Jefferson Family Newsletter~December 18, 2020
Michelle Guerino

Hello Jefferson Families!

Today students watched video recordings of the Giving Tree performances as well as the video of students giving to others.  It was wonderful to be able to carry on this tradition!  Thank you Ms. LeResche and Ms. Cusack for all of your work to keep this tradition going this year!  We hope your students have enjoyed the 7 Days of Winter activities thus far.  Thank you so much to Mrs. Feutz for your partnership & ideas to make this happen, our room parents for organizing all of the materials, and to our teachers for facilitating the fun activities.  Thank you so much to Mrs. Bullock and Mrs. Harpster for creating the My Wish for 2021 videos that will be shared with students on Monday.  To view the Giving Tree videos please click here.

Have a wonderful and restful Winter Break!  We look forward to welcoming students back into the building in January.  To find out more details about the plan for students returning in January, please read on.

Please keep reading for more information about happenings at Jefferson School.

Return to Hybrid January 11th

Students return from Winter Break on Thursday, January 7th.  Instruction on Thursday, January 7th and Friday, January 8th will be remote.  On January 11th, we will return to hybrid learning with students in school on either an A, B, A/B, or fully remote schedule.  Students who are a part of our instructional program return to in-person Monday through Friday starting January 11th as well.  Please click here for calendar updates related to the A/B schedule.

Pediatric KN95 masks will be available for children to wear when we return to school.  

Please see below for changes related to in-person instruction starting in January.  The parent guide will be resent out next week reflecting these changes.  

Families who have requested in-person learning starting in January will be receiving a letter next week by mail confirming their child(ren)’s placement.  

Snack Break

When we return to in-person, hybrid learning in January, all snack breaks will take place outdoors.  There will be no snack or mask break indoors if we are still in substantial transmission in DuPage County for safety reasons.  Students will go outdoors for snack if the “feels like” temperature is ten degrees above zero.  If the “feels like” is 9 degrees or below, there will be no snack break outdoors for safety reasons.  All D205 elementary schools use ISBE’s Child Care Weather Watch to guide decisions outdoor activities and The Weather Channel app/website to determine the “feels like” temperature.  


Students will be permitted to use lockers when we return to school.  Student times in the hallway will be staggered for social distancing purposes.  This will help to store all of the coats and boots etc. needed during the winter months.

Jefferson Library Book Drive Thru (Tuesday, December 22nd)

Families may pick up the books they reserved this week from 1:30-3:00 on Tuesday, December 22nd.  We will be using contactless delivery.  Write your child’s name and grade level on paper, so that we can identify and grab your books and place them in the car’s trunk. 

Online Book Check-Out

Chromebook Issue

This week some Chromebooks experienced issues districtwide.  We had students update their Chromebooks over the past two days, but If your child’s Chromebook is still experiencing issues, please try the following update: 

Update Chromebook

  1. On the lower right of the Chromebook, click the time to open the control box.

  2. When the control box opens up, click the Settings icon (the gear).

  3. On the bottom of the left column, click “About Chrome OS”

  4. Click the “Check for Updates” box in the middle of the screen to run updates.

  5. You will probably be asked to Restart to finish the updates.

Tech Help While Remote 

Please email our district email for help with devices.  Ms. Strong is also able to help with your other tech needs, but for devices that are not working properly, the address is where you should go first.  

District Updates

Covid Testing Survey

The Board and the District 205 leadership team will resume discussions around COVID-19 surveillance testing at the January 12, 2021 school board meeting. This will allow additional time for D205 parents to take part in the previously shared COVID testing survey. The deadline for the survey has been extended until Monday, December 21, 2020.  As background, D205 is considering adoption of a saliva-based COVID-19 testing program as another component of the District’s overall safety protocols that includes masks, social distancing, cleaning, and other mitigation strategies to prevent outbreaks.

We are asking ALL families to complete the survey, regardless of your student's current in-person or remote status and regardless of grade level, so that we can accurately assess interest for all families. Again, the deadline has been extended until December 21, 2020 at 5 p.m. Here is how you can share your opinion:

  • Please complete the form called “Parent Feedback on Potential COVID-19 Testing” in the PowerSchool parent portal by logging in, going to “Forms”, and submitting the form (steps here or in this short video).  Contact your child’s school if you need help accessing the PowerSchool parent portal. You must fill this form out separately for each student.  For questions regarding the survey, please email


Important Dates

  • December 14th - December 22nd - 7 Days of Winter Activities in the Classroom 

    • Monday, December21st - My Magical Wish for 2021 Video Viewing

    • Tuesday, December 22nd - Classroom Parties

  • Tuesday, December 22nd - Student Council sponsored Festival Day - Wear anything festive - red & green, ugly sweaters, etc.

  • Tuesday, December 22nd -  Online Book Check-Out Library Book Pick-Up! 1:30 - 3:00

  • Wednesday, December 23rd - Winter Break Begins 


  • Thursday, January 7th - Classes Resume Virtually for Students

  • Monday, January 11th - Students return to Hybrid Learning

  • Friday, January 15th - NO SCHOOL, Institute Day

  • Monday, December 18th - NO SCHOOL, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday

Have a great weekend!




Dr. Christina Podraza


Jefferson School

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