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PushCoin Replaces MySchoolBucks for lunch balances, high school fees
Kate Sampson

Beginning July 29, 2019, Elmhurst District 205 began to use a new online payment system called PushCoin. Parents and guardians of D205 students will be able to fund their students’ lunch accounts using PushCoin’s easy to use, mobile friendly site. Parents and guardians of York students will be able to pay their high school fees through PushCoin, in addition to funding their students' lunch accounts.

MySchoolBucks, the application previously used to fund lunch accounts, is now closed to accommodate the migration to the new system. However, please know that all remaining balances and prior debt from D205’s legacy payment system, will be transferred to PushCoin.

The new service will include:

  • Automated processing of student billing
  • Flexibility of managing a variety of payment options
  • Email communication regarding lunch balances and outstanding payments
  • Free eCheck payment option available

For more information, visit this page.

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