Jefferson Elementary School


Schoola Fundraising

The Jefferson PTA continues to fundraise with Schoola. Schoola turns outgrown clothes into money for Jefferson Elementary School. Do you have gently worn clothing to donate? Request a bag with a prepaid shipping label from Schoola. Can't wait to send in clothes? Donors can now choose "Let Me Print a Label." You can print your schoola label at home, tape to any box and you are ready to ship. Fill your box or bag with women's and children's clothing, shoes and accessories and just drop it off at the post office. Schoola sells the donated clothes on their website and Jefferson earns 40% of the proceeds from each sale! In less than a year we have raised over $2000 and all it takes is Jefferson families cleaning out their closets. 


Visit the Jefferson Schoola page by clicking here and request your bag or print your label today!

Jefferson Schoola Flyer