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5th Grade End-of-the-Year Events

It's hard to believe that there are less than two months of school left! These days will go quickly, and there are many exciting events (many specific to 5th gaders) to put on your calendars:


Date/Time Event Notes/Comments

April 26th, 6-7:30pm

Spring Celebration of Learning Come at your convenience.
May 2nd, 1-2:30pm Robert Crown Visit Robert Crown comes to Jefferson -- separate presentations for boys and girls.
May 3rd, 9am-2:30pm Field Trip to the Art Institute Please wear walking shoes and bring a completely disposable lunch.

May 4th

Churchville AM

Bryan/Sandburg PM

Middle School Visits

Churchville students to Churchville.

Bryan students to Bryan.

Sandburg students to Sandburg.

May 14th, 9:30am DARE Graduation Families are welcome.
May 17th, 7pm 5th Grade Performance Students will need to arrive prior to performance -- details will be coming.

May 21st, Morning & Afternoon

Field Day

(rain date May 22nd)

5th graders run games and lead teams. Wear clothes for the weather. You may want sunscreen.
May 23rd, 11:45am-2:30pm 5th Grade Picnic

Van Voorst Park.

Dress for the weather.

May 25th, 8:15am-11:05am Last Day of School (Assuming Board approval to change the calendar)


Dear Parents,


As you know, your child will be taking PARCC tests in the areas of reading and math over the next two weeks. A schedule of days for each test is included below.


This can be a stressful experience for the kids, so I wanted to provide a few strategies on how to best support them during this time:

  1. Remind them that all anyone can expect is that they do their best. Confident, relaxed students who give their best effort consistently perform well on standardized tests. I tell the kids to take every test seriously, but remember that tests do not bite back and Jefferson students are some of the best. All anyone can ask is that they leave a test feeling like they gave it their full effort.

  2. Get a good night’s sleep. Turn off the Xboxes, Playstations, and iPads early. Throw a bookmark in that book and close it up for the night (even if the next chapter is just begging to be read). Have them get a full night’s sleep so they can be ready for a full day.

  3. Eat a good breakfast and bring a good snack. There is no better way to start the day, and during PARCC testing it is even more important.

  4. Ask your student about the test that evening. You may get a one word answer, and that’s fine. They may also tell you about that one question that really got to them, prompting a nice conversation about how it’s okay not to know every answer (Mr. Grosso doesn’t know everything, either).

This is not the kind of test you can study for, per se, but if you are looking for extra practice Zearn and Khan Academy would be beneficial (especially for fractions and word problems).


Your support at home has helped the children to become well-prepared, respectful, and hard-working students. There is no question that parent involvement is an important piece in the success of a child’s education!


Thank you, as always, for everything you do to support Room 205 and Jefferson School!


And now, the PARCC schedule for Room 205:


Tuesday, 4/3 – English/Language Arts 1

Thursday, 4/5 – English/Language Arts 2

Friday, 4/6 – English/Language Arts 3


Monday, 4/9 – Math 1

Tuesday, 4/10 – Math 2

Thursday, 4/12 – Math 3

Friday, 4/13 – Math 4


Mike Grosso

Post-Conference Parent Resources!

If I mentioned an online resource during our conference this week, it is most likely posted here.

If I didn't mention one, shame on me and our limited time to meet! Check below for some useful resources to help your child through fifth grade.

District 205 Family Math Website

Apps that encourage number sense


Strategies to Conquer Your Child's Math Anxiety

Khan Academy

Facts About Homework

Welcome to Room 205!

My name is Mike Grosso, and I will be your student's fifth grade teacher this year!

This is my seventh year at Jefferson, and I've enjoyed my time here teaching both fourth and fifth grade. I am excited to be back to work with some of the best kids in Elmhurst. It is my goal to be your partner in inspiring your child to reach their academic potential at Jefferson and in their coming years in Middle School.

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Need to complete some homework in Google Classroom? Here's the link!

Dylan likes drums!

Dylan likes drums!

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C = 72 - 81%

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