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I will be sending home weekly communication through a newsletter.  I will start by sending hard copies and will switch to e-mail communication to save paper.  

Fullerton, Kelly Kdg Teacher

General Reading Tips


Please keep reading with your child!

During read alouds it is imperative to, “Provide opportunities for children to respond orally to books read aloud.  Their oral responses prepare them for their written responses they’ll later be asked to make on their own” (Taberski, 2000).

Before reading:

->Take and picture walk through the story and ask your child what they think will happen throughout the story (predicting).

During Reading:

->Read and discuss stories together. Have your child: identify the main characters, where the story takes place (setting), and figure out the problem and solution to problem.

After Reading:

Ask them questions such as: What did you like about the story?  How would you change the story if you were the author?  Do you think the problem was solved in a clever way? 

When your child comes to a word they don’t know, encourage them to use a “Tricky Word Strategy” instead of telling them the word.

Tricky Word Strategies:

  • Look at the picture.  Think about the story (what word would make sense that matches the letters and sounds of the word printed).
  • Go back and reread from the beginning of the sentence.
  • Get your mouth ready, point and slide under the word while sounding out the word.
  • Skip the word and read through the end of the sentence and go back (what word would make sense that matches the letters and sounds of the word printed).
  • Try a word.

       -> Does it make sense?

       ->Does it sound like language?

       ->Do the letters match?







Late Start Information

Kindergarten late start schedule: 


9:45-11:55 AM

12:55-3:00 PM


August 30; September 20; October 11, & 25; November 8; December 6; January 17; February 14 & 28; March 14; April 11 & 25; and May 9.

Special Schedule

Monday: P.E 8:55-9:25


Tuesday: Library


Wednesday: Art 10:25-10:55


Thursday: No Specials 


Friday: Music 9:55-10:25



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