Jefferson Elementary School

Volunteer Highlights

Kendra Thompson, parent of Alex Thompson


Special moments volunteering: Anytime you can get together and work on something as a team for the Jefferson kids is always special.


The JRC… I started volunteering in 1st grade. It has always been a joy to see the kids so excited and running out the lunch doors and taking off on the field to run and get their laps. The enthusiasm this club generates to being ‘active’ is wonderful.  I was asked to help more last year and became a co-chair this last year. I have enjoyed getting to know almost every kid in the school and we have met such wonderful parents and grandparents who love the club as much as the kids. It has been a very rewarding experience for me.

The Memory Book…Wow….to be a part of something our kids may have for years to come is very special. We worked very hard as a team to make sure we used updated technology to make the process easier for our parents to add personal kid pages without much hassle. We started collecting pictures from parents in Shutterfly in Kindergarten and had a wonderful pool of pictures to use. It was amazing seeing the pictures as the kids grew and you could really see their friendships and connections to one another as a class. I am very proud to have been a part of documenting some very special years at Jefferson.  Such a great keepsake.

Fun Facts about your committee or about you: I am a co-chair for Jefferson Running club…but I hate running!!! J  I just joined so I could spy on my kid at recess. My son stopped running in 3rd grade…and now I just do it because I feel in love with the club and the concept of it all.

Being a co-chair for the Memory Book started in Kindergarten when I met Patricia Glosner at an end of year get together we had. We both were taking pics and we deciced we would run the Memory Book for 5th grade. That seems like yesterday!!!!


Favorite Memory at Jefferson: Gosh, too many favorite memories at Jefferson. We have a very special school with our Halloween Parade, Science Olympiad, Thanksgiving Feast , Giving Tree and Winter Carnival.  I have volunteered for all the special events and they are things I will always remember as being unique to our school. The kids are so enthusiastic and happy during these events, that it will always be a fond memory for me. Jefferson is a very warm environment for our kids. I guess the ‘warmth’ of the school is what I will remember most.


I remember when…:I would take my son to the playground and Winter Carnival before he was even a student at Jefferson. He could not wait to start school here. I remember how he walked right into Kindergarten with Mrs. Klink and was all smiles and excited.


Years at Jefferson: 6 (2011-2017)


Committees you have chaired: Co-Chair for Jefferson Running Club and 5th Grade Memory Book